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Project 365

arriving at fiddle camp

Happy late summer! It’s been a busy one, but in the best way possible — there’s much to catch up on… For now, I’ll give you a brief overview of my summer by way of introduction to Project 365.


Project 365 is an uncomplicated idea: you take a picture a day for a year, with the goal of capturing the day-to-day details of life, living in the present moment, and, ostensibly, becoming a better photographer. I chose to do mine as an iPhone Project 365, — primarily out of convenience — so have been using my phone for my daily shots, leaning heavily on the Hipstamatic app (with an increasing dependence on Photoshop Express, which has instantly replaced Aviary as my photo editor of choice).

The path home

While I’m enjoying the process very much, I admit that I find the last goal of becoming a better photographer somewhat dubious…a better iPhone photographer, maybe, but I can’t help but feel like I’m cheating in some way. The phone as a camera is still hard for me to fully embrace, and the Hipstamatic tool and multiple photo editing apps even more so. It just feels gimmicky to me. As a friend on Facebook once quipped, “A crappy photo taken with Instagram is still a crappy photo…” I don’t disagree. But it’s certainly a cooler crappy photo.


Of course, I tend to be a perfectionist and an over-achiever, so I may be a little rigid in my rules. I’ve similarly struggled on the sewing front with feelings that I’m “cheating,” or can’t take creative credit for my projects, simply because I’m using a pattern. Or relying on the beauty of those designer fabrics I like to hoard, but most certainly didn’t design. And I suppose I will never fully feel like an accomplished cook until I have a trove of recipes that I developed from scratch myself. One of these days I will help birth a baby lamb, bottle feed her, shear her fuzzy new wool, card it, spin it, dye it, and weave it into a placemat of my own design, and feel that I am a true fiber artist. But I don’t expect that to happen anytime in the near future…


So for now, a look at the first three complete months of my Project 365 — and therefore my summer — complete with gimmicks, uninspired stretches, and a day or two where I forgot and cheated, alongside several wonderful memories, smiling faces (and tender paws) of my loved ones, and shots that I truly cherish. I’ll take the good with the bad. It’s what life is made of.


May brought dinners with friends, wedding dress shopping, a shower, a busy stretch at work, visits with my niece, the return of the Copley farmer’s market, a family beer brewing session, the MA Sheep & Woolcraft Fair, and a trip to Fenway…


June saw the bottling of aforementioned beer, visits with the in-laws, a surprise party in NYC, multiple birthday celebrations for my sweet 1-year old(!) niece, Maine Fiddle Camp, a sewing project, and an Iron Maiden show. And oh yeah, the discovery of my new all-time favorite cupcakes in Boston.


And in July we had a visit from my Mom, a small 4th of July barbeque and a big housewarming BBQ (recipes forthcoming), meeting a new little girl and an old Red Sox captain, and enjoying the bounty of summer foods, grilling, and flowers, with a big side helping of obligatory kitty snuggles.

If you’re interested in seeing any individual photos more clearly, they’re all available on my Flickr iPhone Project 365 set.


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This crafter sure has been hungry! My poor computer is overflowing with photos of food, so I thought that I ought to just share some en masse. So, here goes: my summer, in food pictures:

First we have the ever delicious rice & chickpea salad from Sofra (available at the Siena Farms market stand). Must get more for lunch today as soon as I finish this post. Edit: only made it halfway through the post before running down to the farmer’s market to get some. The best part of this salad is that they play around with it a bit week to week. This week — no basil, yes broccoli!

Ah, memories… Fava bean season is long gone, of course, but at least I can reminisce about these beautiful beans sauteed in butter over toast with Ombra cheese on top. Sigh.

This here (Well, yes, it’s chocolate. Obviously.) is a base for a chocolate peanut butter ice cream I made for fourth of July. It turned out to be a disaster, actually, but tasted good nonetheless. It had the consistency of frozen fudge. Yes, I ate it anyway. With my fingers. Wouldn’t you?

On the far more successful side was this vanilla bean ice cream, midway through churning in the photo. Very very yummy. Recipe from David Lebovitz (the guru of all things ice cream). Topped it off with the salted caramel from Formaggio — amazing!

On another indulgent evening, I was craving some good old fashioned meat and potatoes, summer style. Enter steak tips, roasted red bliss potatoes with fresh herbs, and of course, some fresh corn on the cob.

And that’s just scratching the surface of my summer in food! My computer needs a break now, though. And so do I. Because I’m suddenly very hungry. Again.

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I’ve been doing my city-girl best to get my country on as of late, and I do declare, I’m doing a good job. I’ll be sharing some more fun market finds with you later this week (there is a Celtics game to watch tonight, after all!), but I couldn’t wait any longer to share some photos from last weekend when my boyfriend and I headed up to Brattleboro, VT for the annual Strolling of the Heifers event. The long and short of the event is that they walk ~80 cows (and goats and horses and sheep and oxen and people) right down Main Street. How could I not go? (How could ANYONE not go, really?) Check it out:

"BrattleBURRO kicks ASS" Love it -- Ha!


I want to steal the flowers for a front door wreath!

At the PETTING PEN post-parade.

Unfortunately, our grander plans to continue up further North after the parade were cut short by the TORNADOES that decided to hit Vermont that weekend. Since when does Vermont get tornadoes? Anyway, we decided it would be in our best interest to head back to Boston post haste after the parade, and so we did.

While I may not have livestock at my little urban homestead, I sure do have an affectionate kitty waiting for me whenever I open the door. And no tornadoes.

And the verdict? Zoe wins, hands down. Once again.

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…for the BEST ice cream EVER! OK, well it’s frozen yogurt. But really, it’s THAT GOOD. And the best part? You can make it yourself! Borders be damned, this treat knows no geographic boundries.

Without further ado, the recipe (and then on to photos, because that’s why you’re here really, isn’t it?):  Lemon-Blueberry Frozen Yogurt

A word of advice, having made this recipe several times now:  listen to Jeni when she says “I never make frozen yogurt as a low-fat replacement for ice cream.” It’s still very good if you don’t use whole-milk yogurt as the recipe calls for, but crosses the line from very good to speechlessly good once you up the milk fat content in the recipe. This last go round I had to use non-fat yogurt simply because my grocery store wasn’t carrying any full-fat plain yogurt. I blame this on America’s diet-culture fueled fear of fat, but I’ll spare you the rant. Just go full fat and serve yourself a spoonful or two less, ‘kay? You’ll thank me.

Lemon frozen yogurt fresh from the machine

Cooled blueberry sauce

Layering the sauce and yogurt

Cover and freeze an additional 4 hours (or as long as you can stand waiting)

I like to serve in Irish coffee mugs with a long spoon!

Yummy goodness

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